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Radiator guard for Yamaha R15v3 | R15S

Radiator guard for Yamaha R15v3 | R15S

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Weather, mood, work or bad roads, when nothing comes in between you and your rides, why should a radiator leak stop you? The Motoaggrandize strong radiator guard protects the most vital part of your motorcycle's cooling system.

This uniquely designed single piece radiator guard is rust resistant, made using thick steel, and does a brilliant job of keeping your motorcycle safe from flying debris even on highways, city roads or challenging terrain.

What makes us BETTER?

R15v3 RG 1

R15v3 RG 3

R15v3 RG 4

Strong Structure

This radiator guard is made up of the sturdy metal, which have heat resist property & anti-rust quality. The heat resist metal not only protects your Bike Radiator from stones and debris during hitting, but also care of the significant parts of the Radiator from scratches.

Fine Workmanship

Crafted from a single piece CNC machined steel body, its unique design engineered for a perfect fit.

Long Life Span

It's a Rust proof and Dust proof product thanks to the powder coating ensuring for a long term durability.

R15v3 RG 2

Enhancing Look & Easy to Install

You can easily install this radiator guard by just tightening the bolts as it comes with previously punched holes. Follow the installation guide provided with the product.

The Motoaggrandize radiator guard protects the radiator with style and enhance the look by its modern look design.

High-quality & easy to maintain product

The radiator guard is made of thick steel which protects your bike radiator from stones & debris during hitting and other significant parts from scratches giving it a very good strength and the powder coated makes it rust proof providing stunning looks and fade proof shine.

Rust Free Experience

All the products as well as the fasteners included are coated for a long term rust free experience.

CNC Machined

Experience the precision of CNC machined products. Our expertly crafted items are built to last and deliver superior performance.

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